Canvas or arrangement size problem?


I save Image from a vertical arrangement which size is calculated and saved to variables after this "virtual screen" which is an arrangement is opens.
Load screen

save screen.

After I save I set this picture to a canvas background,

Looks like this: (and should looks like this in my opinion)

And the load screen looks similar after pick one from a listpicker:

And it is really looks like this on my 7" lenovo tablet. (android 9)
On my two samsung phone, (one is android 9, the other is android 12)
It looks like this:

Everything in percents and fill parent to be responsive.
Where could be the problem?
I cannot upload my aia, it is 30MB, but I try to make a simpe app for someone try on different devices.

If i turn off the status bar, the it fit on the samsung phones too, but I want the status bar on, so I may play a little with the size. Still don't know why is different on the Lenovo Tab.

Don't mind.
Changing percent to fill parent fixed it.

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