Canvas Into Image

How can I change a canvas into a image that can be save inside the device but how can I display the image on the full screen of the device on the app with a share button before the image saves inside the device?

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Start here:

scroll to Save() / SaveAs() in the methods section

To prevent the canvas distorting your image when displaying in full screen, you will need to set by screen height or width only depending on orientation

Please give me more suggestions.

Here is an example

canvasFullscreen.aia (4.4 KB)

How can I save the canvas image in gallery?

After saving the image you can use the GalleryRefresh method from @Taifun 's tools extension

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How can I download TaifunTools extension in aix form?

Scroll to the end of the page provided above and you will be able to see the links

Image taken from PuraVida Apps

Thanks a lot

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It does not work. Please give me more suggestions.

You need to do better than that!

Tell us what does not work, show your relevant blocks and any other images of the app or designer.

This is the code I tried.

It depends on the android version, see

btw button6 means the save button :grin:
This worked for me

Is the image saved in gallery? Please reply fast.

yes. It saved

In this app, Save and Share button did not working.

As a starting point, try like this:


Will the image save in gallery?

To display the image in the gallery see the advice provided above.