Canvas image save and move to gallery

I'd like to save canvas image to user's gallery.
I've searched a lot but I can't solve this problem.

This block shows "Sorry, file to move does not exist" error message.
I can find this image saved only using total commander app.
My phone is galaxy a31.(android11, sdk 30)

Please help me, I haven't solved this problem over week. :disappointed:

A lot is wrong here. Before I try to fix all this (via hints), it will be easier if you post your aia.

Set Screen1.FileScope = Shared

Import the TaifunTools Extension and drag it in the designer.

Call TaifunTools1.GalleryRefresh( Canvas1.SaveAs
("/Pictures/lolo.png") )

Yes, but that's not his main problem.

This will not work, at least not on Android 11+.

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Hello. I am very glad to your reply.
I've read lots of your posts and tried to follow your code.
This is my aia file. Thank you for your help.

canvasimg.aia (66.7 KB)

See here:

canvasimg_2.aia (65.7 KB)

This is all you need (including a delete feature / button, which is needed when testing with the APK after testing with Companion on Android 11+, see the above guide):


Wow... Thank you very much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I've always learned a lot from your work.

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