Canvas Image not showing and Gravity Affecting image sprite Move To Command

Hello Everyone! I am building an app where there are ladder image sprites and platform image sprites, Whenever someone touches a ladder, their Y will be moved upwards so then they will land on the platform and Not Fall Back down to the ground because of Collided with Command. The problem is that I added gravity to the level for my jump command and whenever you hit a ladder, it teleports you up to the place, then teleports right back down. I don't know what the issue is. One other issue with it is that sometimes when I import an image to a canvas, it doesn't show the image unless I'm on the companion, see pic below.

Here is the download of my app:
Halo (1).aia (1.2 MB)
Here are pics of my code as well:

I appreciate your help!

I don't understand why you increase Y at floors and ladders.

Increasing Y forces the player downwards.

I thought ladders were for climbing, and floors were for stopping you from falling.


Yes they are but how would I move the player up without moving its Y? And I kept falling from the floors so I thought I could just move its Y up to stop them from falling.

You know that AI2 Y is the opposite of math class graph Y, right?

In math class graphs, increasing Y moves UP.

In AI2 Canvases, increasing Y moves DOWN.


Yeah I accidentally found that out today :joy:

Thank You!

@ABG, do you know why the canvas image will not show though unless it is connected to AI Companion?

In which screen?

Medium Level, Easy Level, Legendary Level, all the screens with Canvases.


At least one of your Canvas background images has to be reduced in size.
5000 px by 5000 px is way too big, slowing down everything from project loading to building to app launch.

I saw your background images in the Companion on my phone, and built and downloaded to my phone. The only place I did not see your background images was in the Canvas on the Designer. I do not know if that swirly image in the Designer is by design or not.

I don't have any experiences on background images, since I draw everything directly on my Canvases.

Maybe some more artsy user with image experience can comment.

It would be wise to go through your Media files and clean it up, by content and by (n)(a)(m)(e). Don't tempt fate with garbage names.

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