Canvas How redraw circle from list?


I'm newbie on this forum. I search some help about canvas Circle. (Sorry for my english i will try to explain clearly)

In 1 canva (Shot1) i manage to store the 20 circles coordinates in 2 lists (for the x and for the y)
but now i tried to use this coordinates to put in other canvas (Recap Shot)

However it's not working

Can you help me for this problem, i search i many topic put i don't find the answer...!
Thanks you

DrawCircle arguments cannot be a list. You have to use the clock component and in it take data from lists one by one and draw circles for each list item.

Hello Patryk,

Thanks for you answer...

But using clock component ???? sorry but i don't understand how i can use it.
I mean how combine it with canvas to be able to draw circles ??


The clock component is meant to work as a loop.

:thinking: :thinking:
Well, i understand the loop option but how i can extract one by one the data from list with this component ?

You are using a variable as an index. With every tick of the clock you increment the index by 1. You use blocks from the list drawer to extract a list item. There is a block that gets the list item by index. You have to download data from two lists in parallel. One circle will be drawn with each tick of the clock.

Here are two sample projects that draw lists of circles ...

Here is another method using the DrawShape block, which uses a pointList:
(the canvases are 150x150...)

I would like to thanks all of you for your answer. It help me to change my mind about the construction of my code.
So thanks a lot !

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