Canvas getpixelcolor


I use a canvas and the getpixelcolor function to make a color picker. I put a color wheel as background, but the getpixelcolor function is getting me the wrong colors!

Anyone had experienced the same problem?

I used jpeg, png and gif files.

When I use pictures with pure red, green or blue it does work, but with a color wheel like in the youtube video its not working.

I followed this instruction:

Thanks in advance!


You could always try this by @Italo

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Export your project and post the .aia file?

Hello Chrisu

You can download an example project from my website:

Thanks for your help!

Unfortunately I made a stupid mistake confusing the X and Y axes in the getpixelcolor function. :confused:

Now its working fine! :slight_smile:

Greetings Chrisu

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