Canvas, Freeze ball movement using timer

hi, is there some form to assign a button for freeze the ball movement like a freeze moment for capture a specific movement for a ball movement. like a video when you reproduce and play pause and the movement is freeze.

based on the documentation * Ball (you do know how to use the documentation?)

Setting Ball1.Enabled to false might disable it until you want to use true to re-enable it. I haven't tried this so you can. :astonished:

Use a Clock to schedule the time to set it to false or true .

i know how works but i dont know how can control time in events dinamically, so my question its about control an area dinamically like a movement random of a ball sliding and i control the event with a button to freeze the time, or i need a extension?.

What you do depends upon what you need to happen

#1 Blocks work together with a Clock with TimeInterval set to whatever you want.

#2 Block uses
a button to toggle the Ball enabled on and off.