Canvas çalışmaya neden devam ediyor?


Oyun bittiğinde canvas çalışmaya devam ediyor. Tıkladığında resmin hareket etmemesini nasıl ayarlamalıyım gerekiyor.



The canvas continues to run when the game is over. How do I set the image not to move when it clicks?

Thank you
(Google Translate by Taifun)

This depends entirely on you, the canvas is not a “player” like a video or sound player that you can pause or stop.
You need to come up with a way to stop whatever is happening in it. Like for example, if you have sprites moving, you will have to store the current speed in a variable or TinyDB tag and set its speed to 0. When the user decides to continue, then use the stored speed to resume the sprite’s movement.

Also disable any Clocks that are moving things on the Canvas.

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