Canvas Bug - Image Reload hides arrangements


Today I got a small issue with CanvasToBase64 extension, let me explain:

I add a horizontal Arrange (a button in it) at top, a canvas (fill parent) at middle, and another horizontal Arrangement at bottom:

And all codes here:

When I draw something on the canvas (the second time), the canvas will move upward, and make the first horizontalArrangement dispear.

I don't know it's the extension's problem or any others.

here is the aia:
CanvasBase64Test.aia (57.1 KB)

If I put the canvas in an arrangement (width/height fill parent), this will not happen.

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Taking a look at this....

I tried it like this, and it still does it:


Removed all extensions, still does it

Setup new project, still does it

Looks like a canvas bug of some kind

cnvTest.aia (1.8 KB)

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same here:
Canvas will move to top, and hide the first component, and other labels/textbox.
this only happen when canvas under Screen directly, and width/height set to auto or fill parent.

Try this one: CanvasBase64Test_2.aia (45.8 KB)

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yes, but why?

I think the question is for you. :wink:
Because it's obviously due to the extension.

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It is not. remove the extension and save the image to file and reload it. The problem is the same.

I already mentioned this above!

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Works too (without changing anything).

Yes, there are workarounds, but the developer should not have to do this.

Ah ok, I didn't notice that.