Canvas background pixel color + pixel color wrong color

I have a canvas with a .png image in it. The image is a gradient from white to transparent.
The backgroundcolor of the canvas gets set to a rgb color. So I see a gradient from white to the rgb color now. So far so good. As I am now trying to get the rgb value of my x and y coords on this new gradient(with pixelcolor or backgroundpixelcolor) it just gives me white fading into a light gray when i drag from white to the rgb color on the canvas.
Any ideas how I can get the actual visible color of the pixel?
Thanks in advance!

Can you upload the exported .aia file? That will makes it easier to see what is happening.

Thanks for the fast response, I think I just found the problem by accident...
It seems like that if you enter a decimal value for a balls Z value instead of a float it breaks the canvas.
I had 2 instead of 2.0 as Z value, since I changed it it seems to work again

Ok that was only one Problem apparently. Sp here is my .aia: HomeController.aia (983.7 KB)
Its on the Bett Screen (Canvas 2 has the bug)
Edit: This is the version which I first wanted to use: HomeController (1).aia (983.3 KB)

It works!!
Thank you
Now its slightly laggy, but I guess I have to make that compromise

HomeControllertest.aia (983.9 KB)

Made this testblock with background green, seems to work fine
Nice to hear you found a solution

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