Canvas and sprites

mit have any interest in improving speed of canvas and sprites? only about 50 sprites are needed to slow down the application. any chance of getting decent performance?

It is possible, but MIT App Inventor is largely for the education sector and serves a world-wide audience. In many countries, classrooms are sharing ancient phones running Android 4+.

To make the canvas faster would need a phone with a GPU and pipeline support for OpenGL ES 3.1. Lowest Android platform being v5.0, but it is down to the phone manufacturer as to whether their hardware supports it or not.

I do not know but maybe an extension would be possible - you could suggest such an extension on the extensions forum page.

You should be able to optimize your code though - surely you don't have 50 sprites on the Canvas at the same time?

thanks for the information

If you post your Blocks in the Forum Help section one of the Power Users might be able help you optimize.

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