Can't upload a .gif with a specific name

All steps :
I uploaded a pack of cards in .gif ( drop in )
When i do that got an error ( don't sreenshot it )
I realized that a card was missing ( the 'Ad' )
So i try to upload it again and this error occured ( again and again )
If i rename the image i can uploaded it ( like you can see in my screenshot )

Got another if i try to use the button "upload file" ( see this another screen )

Well it is not the filename, i was able to upload a gif file called Ad.gif without issue.

Suggest have a look at the file, recreate as a new file ? Reload Ai2 try again ?

Disable your ad blocker and it works!

I use uBlock Origin as Ad blocker. and I was able to recreate your problem.
If I disable the Ad blocker for the webpage uploading works again as expected!


I disable Adblock and it work !

Btw, to upload multiple file to the assets:

Designer → Media / assets

This is easier and quicker and AdBlock doesn't matter.
Note: The maximum aia size is now 30 MB.

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