Cant type L into my hangman app

As the title says, i cant type L into my hangman app even if the letter hasn't been used. Any ideas? Thanks! Heres a video of the behavior:

Guesses. Your video moves too fast to see what you are grumbling about.

  • you do not use a trim block on your TextBoxes. Some keyboards automatically add a trailing space. A trailing space could cause compare issues concerning exact match or length of text.

  • you do not make use of the upcase Blocks to force TextBox results to all be capital letters. When a compare ( = ) is used, it makes a difference whether a capital or lower case letter is typed.

  • L does not equal l perhaps?

  • something else. perhaps something not in the Procedure you posted.

  • have you debugged ( use DoIt )?

Your SubmitProc procedure is being called when the textbox is empty.

You can see the empty letter candidate in the posted list of letters already received.

Either show how and when you call that procedure, or bulletproof that procedure by adding validation (text length = 1) at the front of the procedure.

Validation is like suspenders.

Awesome! That worked, And then is there any way to remove the quotes from the letters used box?

JOIN list with separator ','

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