Can't see bluetooth device list

Hi, i can't see bluetooth device list when i open the application. I don't know why? Can someone help me please? Here is my code:

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Which version of BlueTooth are you connecting to?

  • BLE, or
  • pre-BLE?

Try this (BLE):

... and this:

and post screenshots.

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i am connecting to BLE

I can see the bluetooth list now. But...
It seems like it is connected, but actually nothing happened with my HC-05 bluetooth module. It just scanning for devices...

HC-05 is not a BLE module, the BluetoothClient component will be suitable for connecting to this module.

Try this:

Because xiaomi had problems with bluetooth permissions. It worked for that person.


I tried a lot of solutions before yours and nothing helped. Your suggestion was the right thing. Now it works like a charm. Thanks for your help. It was first community where i got solution in just 2 hours after my post.

impossible de lire la liste alors avant ca fonctionnait tres bien