Cant make work sqlite

Hello I imported Tab Bennedum sqlite extension (GitHub - frdfsnlght/aix-SQLite: AppInventor extension for SQLite) and followed instructions but altough app inventor see the database, it sows as if was totally blank, sqlite file has a table with a record and shows like empty, how can I make it work


can anyone help me, thank you

Here is a fork/rework/remix of @TIMAI2 with Tom's extension, you can see an example.

Thank you for your sugestion but tried that extension according to documentation and didnt work as expected, apparently imports the correct database but keeps working with default database.

Let me suggest you to try App Inventor Extensions: SQlite | Pura Vida Apps

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Thank you but right now I cant afford to pay for an extension, I know doesnt cost too much but right now Im not in the best financial moment.

I had hoped that my exhaustive guide on how sqlite works with my extension would be sufficient.

Could I first suggest that you read through this again so that you can understand the basic concepts?

In essence, if you IMPORT a database, you are simply bringing the data from one database into another (usually the default). You cannot write back to your chosen database, any changes will be made in your default database.

Your database appears to be in your assets (media folder) which means it is read only. It is not clear if you want to just read this data or to perform other CRUD operations? You therefore have a choice:

IMPORT to the SimpleSqlite.db and work on it from there
Once imported you can EXPORT your database to a writeable location (e.g. ASD), then LOAD that exported database to work on it
Copy your database from the assets to your ASD, which will then make it read/writable, then LOAD this copy to SQLite

Ok im re-visiting your docs and I just get a "completed" message from run sql, Im trying to foreach a list with the result but no luck what am I doing wrong?

Im sorry but Im just trying to make my first app I feel so dumb

I do not see anywhere you adding any data to your new table "registros" ?

Yeah sorry my bad, had a block inserting some values but pointing to wrong db, set up correctly form to capture data and now at least I can see data.

Thank you for your patient

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