Can't hide clouddb error

When I don't have internet access, clouddb gives me a "" error.
I cannot make the application stop showing me that error or I can control it in some way.
with Cloudberror I can customize one message but I can't make the other one not appear.
Can anyone help you in any way?
Thanks in advance.

You might try to use when ClouDB.cloudDBError block to cathc the error


also below post might help you

Check for a connection like this before you post to the CloudDB:

if CloudConnected = true then do your CloudDB activity.

What you should do is disconnect your CloudDB Get and Save Blocks when not connected and perhaps post data to a TinyDB and then post the TinyDB to the cloud when you have a connection.


This is the code developed and the first thing it does is check the connection. It detects the lack of connection and shows me the message arranged for it, but if you see the image of the application, you will see that the error also appears. That error is the one I don't want to appear.
Clouddberror also does not hide this error. Screenerror also does not hide this error.

I tested a compiled app that connects to my cloudDB server, having turned off both wifi and data.

I have these two blocks, as they are in the app


I didn't get any error messages on screen.

Try it.

Some more things to try:


  • Try adding an empty CloudDBError Block to your Project
  • make it impossible for a GotValue or a DataChanged using Blocks like those above.
  • make it impossible to trip one of these below

might help

I have tried all the options that have been proposed to me and there is no case. The error keeps popping up.
Screen.ErrorOcurred, Cloudb1.ClouDBError, CloudDBConnected have failed to make the original error not appear.
New options accepted for testing :grin:

Please supply a test aia project, using the MIT cloudDB, that demonstrates your problem.
Also advise on how you are testing (e.g. like I did with a compiled app, data and wifi off, on a real device)
Advise on Android version of your device.

The image of the code is higher in these posts, as well as an image of the error that appears. Android version is 9.

Are you using an emulator and/or the default MIT server? issues discussed . One striking case may be your firewall blocking outbound access to the server.

Its the default MIT server but It is not a connection problem. What I try is that the application that I build does not show the error described above and to be able to handle those errors. I cause the error by disconnecting from the Internet. I don't want the errors to appear, except for the ones I want to show.

try this