Can't get response code from web page (WEB component)

Сode, some sites send code 200 or 403 * that the resource exists (site) but in my case the site does not send the code. I'm having trouble getting the GET code (WEB component) to such a link (the link is not an advertisement of the resource)"" web component does not send any response code at all. I need to filter out resources (links) of this type, because they exist. How do I get the code that the resource exists(Web component does not help)?

Show us what you did (screen shot of your blocks ).

blocks (2)
there is no response code, from the word at all
in chrome the answer is =200

I also noticed that if I output "url" then I don't get an answer. Does the component stop working at all?
blocks (3)

The response is 14.8m, maybe you need to wait long time?

You can get it, along with all the headers, using this extension:



This is the equivalent of running the following curl command in a terminal:

curl -i

sorry for being rude - but it's like the invention of the bicycle resorting to someone else's application. native component(WEB) does not work as it should.
I again began to experience earlier, what I sent. Here are the blocks. And I waited about 10* minutes for an error response. Might be useful for app developers