Cant find csv file on my phone storage

Im trying to create a simple application where the text Ive scanned with barcode scanner will be saved as csv file. Everything works exept for saving the data. I cant locate the file on my phone storage. I dont know if the file is really saved. Im using Poco x3 Android 11.



Use a slash / not a backslash \ .
It should be in the ASD, which is not visible on devices with Android 11+.

But you can check:

Hi Anke, is there any way to access asd on android 11? or maybe change the path to other folder? I need to get the csv file created.

Just a quick update, Ive edited the blocks and this is the new block.
When I tried to use AI Companion, it saves the file on the Documents folder, everything works great. But when I build the apk file and install it on my phone, it gives me Error 908 when I try to save a file.

On design mode set Screen1 DefaultFileScope to LEGACY.
Use a different file name than the one used with companion


Yes, as @patel said, set DefaultFileScope to Legacy in Screen1 (Designer). This is the only way to get the WRITE permission declared in the Manifest. This is necessary for it to work, but of course this is a bug that I've reported countless times.

Or use @vknow360's EFile extension. Search the forum, I've mentioned that several times.

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Thank you all so much for the help., only thing I hope is that the app will also work with the end user in which I don't know what android version he/she is using.
I also tried the app on android 6 without changing the file scope on the screen 1, and it also works flawlessly. Again, thank you for the help

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