Can't Figure out runtime error with irritants

I have 30 minutes to turn in this project and am having troubles. The general idea is that when a box is selected and you click on an image it will orally recite the name in the language you selected.

I have the index provided but my error message is, "RuntimeError. Irritants: (The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments: , [(katze chat kuh vache schaf mouton hund chien fisch poisson esel ane)], [(katze chat kuh vache schaf mouton hund chien fisch poisson esel ane)] Bad arguments to select list item)". Can anyone help?

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Edit : I've found the problem. See the next post. @payson

Previous post : I don't know exactly what made this problem, but, there is a possible solution.

In the if - else if - else if - else blocks, change from not - and to not - or as the process won't go after the second else-if because and block works only if both the conditions are true.

For the condition, both are checked.
In the if block, it will continue.

For the condition none are checked.
In the else-if block will first evaluate if both are checked, and then reverse and then evaluate.

So either use a or block or use not block inside both the operands in the and block.

Try both one by one and keep us updated of your results.

I've found the problem.

In the select list item block, you've set the index to a list. But index supports numbers so rather set a number instead of a list.