Can't download APK from Google Drive onto Device

I tried posting an APK to a Google Drive folder but neither my Huawei phone nor my Fire tablets can download it. The Google Drive page loads, but when I hit the download button a new window momentarily appears then disappears. No file is downloaded. I tried linking to the folder and to the file directly. I don't have an antivirus program running, and I have allowed apps from unknown sources.

Are you trying to download from the folder page ? That may not work.
Try with the file page :

How are you downloading? Through a web viewer ? That probably won't work.
You will need to use the web component.

I was trying with a QR code scanner. It works sometimes if I navigate via a web browser.

Where does Google Drive offer a qr code / barcode scan image ?

it happen to me often first if you are downloading the app by QR code scare the QR code with your camera and copy the link it redirects you after you copied paste the link in google and it will ask you to download you can download it ..second if you are downloading via google drive , upload it to google drive and right click on the file and click share and click get sharable link and copy the link and you can also download it trough that!!..