Can't discover Arduino Nano 33 IOT with BLE scanner

Hi there,

I'm attempting to connect my Arduino Nano 33 IOT to my mobile phone using a BLE extension. I am able to connect to my Nano using LightBlue, and do the basic LED example (turning it on when writing a number other then 0). However, I can't seem to find the Arduino using the App that I have made. The final idea is to be able to plot the readings from a load cell connected to the Arduino. I can get a reading using a different piece of code, just unable to send it over to my phone.

#include <ArduinoBLE.h>

// Arduino With Load Cell

// Put 2 loads on load cell that that have a known mass, take the readings from both loads
float aR = 353;
float aL = 0;     // kg
float bR = 1023;
float bL = 50;     // kg

BLEService weightService("415a09a2-b4f1-4175-9cbc-d60171a4b178"); // BLE weight Service

// BLE weight Characteristic - custom 128-bit UUID, read and writable by central
BLEByteCharacteristic weightCharacteristic("415a09a3-b4f1-4175-9cbc-d60171a4b178", BLERead | BLEWrite);

// Arduino With Load Cell
long time = 0;          // Set time to 0
int interval = 100;     // Take a reading every 100 ms

void setup() {

   while (!Serial);

  // begin initialization
  if (!BLE.begin()) {
    Serial.println("starting BLE failed!");

    while (1);

  // set advertised local name and service UUID:

  // add the characteristic to the service

  // add service

  // set the initial value for the characeristic:

  // start advertising

  Serial.println("BLE Active");


void loop() {
  float curReading = analogRead(0); // Take reading of analog pin 0 of Arduino
  float load = ((bL - aL)/(bR - aR)) * (curReading - aR) + aL;
  // using serial.print, we can send the data in a 'text' format

If anyone has any idea, I'd very much appreciate the help. I've looked at similar projects but none that I've found I can use to help my problem.

Thanks! Any questions, just ask.

Do you still have the connection active in LightBlue? Typically if there is an active connection some BLE devices will stop advertising until the central disconnects. Do you see the device in the Bluetooth device listing in the System app?

I do not, I make sure I close the LightBlue app before activating the scan. And I'm not 100% sure what you mean by System app. If you mean just scanning for regular Bluetooth devices on my smartphone, then no, it doesn't appear in the list of available devices.