Can't delete project

How to delete a project? It can only be moved to trash.

If I can delete a project, I can create a new project with the same name but now I can;t.

The error message is “You cannot create another project with the same name.”

Please help. THX

You have to empty the trashcan.


thank you for your quick reply.

Months ago, there was a delete button but now it can’t be found. What;s the purpose of “move to trash”?

Sometimes users regretted that they deleted a project. This is an extra step for protection.

This is from the release notes.

Deleted projects go into a separate Trash area similar to the Windows Recycle Bin or macOS Trash Can. App inventors can restore their projects from the Trash area (or permanently delete them).

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Hi, I can not delete a published project, I do not permanently delete it from the trash, what can I do?

Luigi, is the Move To Trash option grayed-out like this


This appears to be a bug introduced in nb183 or 183 a.

As a work around, Select My Projects> Click on the Project you wish to delete , then Move to Trash might work


Does the work around allow you to delete Luigi?

I cannot delete the project from my trashcan. When I select "Delete from Trash", nothing happens. I need to delete this project so I can import a revised version with the same name.

Did you previously publish your app to the gallery? If so, you will need to first unpublish it from the gallery and then delete it. This is a bug that will be fixed in the next version of App Inventor.

That worked, thank you for the quick response.

Hi, I can't delete any app which I made today.
I was new to this app I have a contest to do an app pls help me.

We will need some more details in order to be able to help. Please provide more information on what is happening, on your setup, and screenshots if they can help.

See post #7 for a probable work around. Otherwise please tell us in detail how you are trying to delete.

App Inventor will not allow you to delete Projects with a single click . AI uses a multistep process where a user first puts the app in the Trash (a misconceived convoluted concept to prevent careless developers from accidently deleting something they do not really want to delete) and then DELETING from the Trash. To get access to the Trash, access it from Projects>My projects then following the advice in post #7. Select the Project , then use the Move To Trash button. Then use the Delete from Trash button. Simple, isn't it :cry: That certainly makes sense (or does it?)

Can you to delete now?