Can't create marker on map from a csv file

Hello, I'm currently working on my first app with AppInventor. I have been trying to create markers on a map the langitude and latitude in a csv file. When I run my App I get the following error:

This is how my Google sheet looks like, which is being converted to a csv in the code:

And this is my full code:

I also tried this code block in the Web.GotText method but I was receiving the same error:

Any help would be appreciated!

The numbers that you enter as lat and longitude are invalid. For example you have 52.533.869 and 13.467.359. Latitude accepts values from 90 to -90 and longitude from 180 to -180

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I have never seen a three part longitude before.

Where did you get it?

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Seems like that was the issue. I was clicking random points on Google Maps, I thought the coordinates from there would represent longitude and latitude. Thank you for your answer!

Thank you so much! This was the issue.

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