Can't Change Email Attached to App Inventor 2

Hello, I do not see a way to change the App Inventor 2 email attached to the software itself. My email will be deleted soon because I am leaving my job and I am worried my project will be deleted. It is being referenced in an article and I would like it to stay live.

My profile looks like below, there is no option to change the email. And it is not the same email preferences as the forums here because I had to make a new account to make this post, the two are not connected. How do I change the email? Will my project be safe if the email is deleted?

Hello Jill

MIT can move your existing Projects on the Server. I will assign your Topic to MIT, they will contact you for old and new email addresses. (do not post them in the forum for all to see).

In the meantime, be sure to export .aia files for your projects to a portable drive,
if you haven’t done so yet.

If you value your work, keep current exports on your own storage daily.

Thank you, my email will be removed by January 31st so hopefully if someone can reach me before then, I can save the project. I have it backed up on my machine just in case.

The App Inventor account is tied directly to your Google account. However, we never delete any projects, and they can be transferred to new accounts.

This process is exactly the same as if you export your projects to .aia files and import them into the new account.

I recommend you do the export yourself, since you control the process. However, if there are any problems, I can get involved and transfer projects from the old account.

Ok, I have imported my project onto another account and changed the link in the article to be safe. Thanks for your help!

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