Can't catch data from web made of html

![螢幕擷取畫面 2022-12-14 155522|323x383]
I want to take the data between the html
how should I do
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you want to get three values, but in your sample data, only one value.

what's that mean

pls give an example of responsecontent , and what data you want to get from it.

I want to get 4 values in my sample

I want 24.4 this numbers

which four? I did not see four data.



what about replace

<html ><body ><h3>


</h3></body ></html >

with empty string?

OK i will try

sorry it can't work still, can you give me some example

what about show us how you did? all the input and output .

You have a timing problem.

Do not expect information from the Web Get to be available in Screen1.Initialize, or immediately after you issue the Web Get command.

The Web1.GotText event is the place to process and display the responseContent with the incoming data.

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I did this by consulting this site學習記錄113-用網路元件,取得網頁上的資料/

as I already said, show the responseContent on a label, and tell us what the label.Text.