Can't build the connection between smartphone and mit APP INVENTOR

after scanning the QR code by the smartphone, The connection can't be built between smartphone and app inventor, i don't know what happened.

Previously running normally.

do you have any error message? what have you tried? restart browser? computer? what's the OS and browser?

the OS of win10, and made various attemps such as restart computer and browser.

and is your app containing too much blocks/media files?

error information is as follows: Error 110.3: Unable to complete the given request with the text"key=99b706ee1063b31010b............

Error 1103: Unable tocomplete the given requestwith the text"key=99b706ee1063b31010b14cb5586342049520233c&ipaddr=石8586-4cf0-a7ea-186e8ff17156&r2=true&useproxy=truewith the specified URL:

the part of code is:

Why doesn't it work now?

Previously It used to run normally

thanks so much!

search 1103 in this community to check if you are same with them and any resolution.

I tried what could successfully run before,

but it's not working now either.

It seems different from the error 1103 mentioned in the community

i got it, there are something wrong in internet settings.

now it can be connected,thanks.

Hi, @ssimpsen
I have exactly the same issue.
What was wrong with your internet settings?

the cause of malfunction is shown in the link above,

severs block the connection.

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