Can't Build/Save Project

I had a project that about 3 weeks ago last compiled working fine. then i continue the project change minor block but I cannot compiled or save the aia the error when building is “Server error: could not build target. Please try again later!”. I alreaedy search the topics but not find the same issue.

Are you using online version or local sources?
If local, I think you just need to launch the build server.
See here:

Using online, my project has much blocking. but this issue not happend 3 weeks ago.

It appears you made changes to your Project that uses many Blocks has a programming issue.
If you load the aia you certainly made of your large Project 3 weeks ago, does that version of your Project load? If the aia works, the problem is something in your code Blocks.

Here are two common possible issues:

  • How many Screens do you have?
  • Did you recently change your custom app icon?
  • or possibly one of the reasons listed in @SteveJG’s monster list of things to check when serious things go wrong with a Project.


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