Cannot see my app folder on Huawei Android 8.0 tablet

I know this is not really to do with AI BUT I can see every other folder but the one my app is stored in.
I have been happily building, testing running my app and now I want to load a HTML document and set it to the source for a Webviewer component.
MUST this file be in the data folder for my app or can it be anywhere in internal storage?
I would like it to be in the app data folder BUT I cannot see that folder using Huwaei’s own file manager, ES Explorer, or when connected via USB to my computer. If I install the app on my Android One mobile I have no problem seeing it, though it is a very long filename.
I have tried completely removing and reinstalling to no avail.
The image shows where it is installed
Has anyone else experienced this on other devices?

You have to load it to your media/assets in the aia project.

… and it’s Google’s intention that App Folders stay secure and normally cannot be seen.

Fair enough

Ah, I see it at the bottom of the properties panel

Thank you very much.

Presumably then, when I want to set my Webviewer to it I just give it’s name with no path

No you have to use a full path for the webviewer:

this also applies to any image or other files you might refer to in your html (although you can use relative references if the items are in your Media/assets folder)

This only applies for the webviewer…

Thank you very much, I am new to all this and have read quite a lot and searched the forum but not always easy to ask the right question with limited knowledge :slight_smile:
The URL in the HTML is the IP address of my camera so no path required
I won’t need to rebuild for that as I keep everything in textboxes and store in TinyDB.
AH, that’s working great; unfortunately I don’t get the result I was hoping for but that’s another problem

Actually you helped GigiG out on an issue and that is what I’m trying to achieve as my Sony camera streams jpegs:-!searchin/mitappinventortest/camera$20webviewer|sort:date/mitappinventortest/9Tih_KHmQ9Q/a5M6gTS6EAAJ