Cannot save my items in another screen in a listview

I want to make an app which will stores my current latitudes and longitudes and some notes about that places and it will show in another screen in a list view. Here i have made the app but is only taking the last value. But it is not soring the data. Please anyone help me. I am providing my .aia file. Thank you. Travel_logger (2).aia (5.5 KB)

Dear, i can pass the information through screens but cannot list it in new screen.

Saved_Locations screen like this:


Screen1 change here (you had global my_long for Latitude:


and set global list to tag my_latitude on initialise otherwise list is an empty list - which is why you only get the last value


Sorry i dont get you. Can you please edit me the code and send the .aia file?

Here you are, not tested!

Travel_logger_revised.aia (5.6 KB)

Thank you so much. I get it.

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