Cannot parse text argument

What does it mean? ;((((
> Cannot parse text argument to "list from csv table" as a CSV-formatted table


If you are returning a row, then you need list from csv row.

None of your blocks are showing the use of a list anywhere, but it seems you are trying to apply a textbox value to a list somewhere...



I've GSHEET with STOCK spreadsheet and TRUCK spreadsheet

I would like from STOCk sreadsheet take values of A and B columns and trasnfer to TRUCK spreadsheet.

I'm transfering but after that i'm seeing this message
Cannot parse text argument to "list from csv table"

All values of A & B from STOCK or just one row ?

Show your blocks that are handling this!

Just one row

HERE is :


Thanks, I enjoyed searching through all your blocks to find the W_GET.GotText event !

Here, you are calling back all the items in STOCK, not one as you said


this should be a csv table, however....

You need to see what is coming back here:


If the problem isn't there, then work your way through each stage of the process until you find where the runtime error occurs.

You really should know how / or learn to debug your blocks!


Done it's working...!:slight_smile:

Now I'm transfering row value From STOCK-->to TRUCK spreadsheet.
From STOCK must decrease taken value.
example: IF in STOCK item: cola with value box:1000 and I transfer to TRUCK only 200 box then in STOCK must left 800 box.

Again the same error appearing ;(((

When I click transfer button it's Editing to spreadsheet but not updating app ListView.
Instead I'm seeing error ;(((
Cannot parse text argument to "list from csv table" as a CSV-formatted table

.AIA file

test (2).aia (273.0 KB)

please help with this error

Create a global variable RESPONSE_CONTENT, and drop incoming response_content into it at the top o the W_GET.gotText event.

Refer to that global variable RESPONSE_CONTENT in the remainder of the event, so you will have getter blocks you can read using Do It after errors.

Like this you mean ? Still missing something ;((((

Here is the script which I'm using:

Look how I interposed a new global variable BEFORE trying to do csv conversion, not AFTER in this sample from the demo I posted today ...

If the CSV conversion fails, I have the global legislators_CSV available for inspection via Do It.

It's like eating salad. You check for bugs before you put it in your mouth.

still missing ;(((

I guess I found the bug but don't know how to fix, please help!

This is why

You make a POST request then you make a GET request - you do not need the GET

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Thank you @TIMAI2! yes ,you was right.
now I've have only 1 issue, please help!

As we keep telling you, check your responseContent to see why it is not a properly formed csv table, it is quite possibly just a row ?

Actaully I'm new with app inventor , I'm doing my best I coudn't find solution that's I'm here
I guess it's a Web app bug. Don't you think?

Drag in a label at the top of your screen
Set the label text to responseContent in your blocks, just above where you set it to the global stock_list

Run the call

What do you see in the label?