Cannot parse text argument to "list from csv table" as a CSV-formatted table, want to display data from mysql database

I try to display data from sql database but the "Cannot parse text argument to "list from csv table" as a CSV-formatted table" error popup.

There is no problem with my php as you can see its already get the data.

This is my block

and this is my sql database that I want to display

Please help me asap.

What is the response content you are receiving?
You might want to display it in a label to find it out...


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This is not a Comma Separated Values (CSV) table because it lacks \n after every row.

how to change it to csv table?

This is my php file

I am very weak in PHP, but your print command looks plausible.
There might be a chance the \n at the end is not coming through to AI2.
This can only be diagnosed with as direct a copy of the responseContent as possible.

See if you can write the responseContent to a File, and try to grab the file untouched and post (upload) it here.
You might need to use a cross platform tool like DropBox (free) to do this.

To make it a CSV table and to have MITAI read it as a list, each item(row) has to be separated with /n

Edit: added bolded text

\n, not /n.

Also, this thread is two years old.

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I got caught up... please forgive me.

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