Cannot parse text argument to "list from csv table" as a CSV-formatted table? How can I format this into Google Sheets?

I'm trying to create an app that takes input from the user and puts it into a Google Sheet, but I keep getting this error about CSV tables. I'm following this code from this Youtube video, adjusting it for what I am going for. I've seen this same question in other discussions within the community, but I can't seem to figure out what exactly the problem is. If this can be solved, then I hope that others can use this as well for their programs. Does anyone know what this could be? Thank you!

Almost forgot. . .

Here's the method that I think is giving me trouble. I have one list for every text element that the user would put into the program.

why do you want to remove every index? if possible show your ghseet strucutre and tell us what you are expecting. we will simplify it

the problemis instead of adding separate col into different list you attempted to remove every index.

  1. just remove index 1 ta the begining and use for each items list block


The video said that it would put it in the cell below the first row. This would keep the column headers. I was just doing as the video was telling me to do.

Multiple methods are there. In this video they used to send data to app using gform method. If so no scripts are needed. But your code is totally different. As I said early you no need to remove every index. If you put it one time then headers will be removed.

Also still you didn't share with us your error message

In my previous post it does after getting data form gsheet , it removes the header and put col A values and all in col A variable (you can use this variable at anywhere within the screen for further) in the same way col B and C are used

Why do you not just work from the full list returned as responseContent instead of breaking it up into lots of individual lists. If you work with the one full list all related items will stay together.

Okay. I also forgot to mention that there are elements in my app that aren't textboxes. I have a few listPickers and a spinner. Would this interfere with the inner workings of the program as well?