Cannot gottext from web when I use the Firebase Authentication

I am developing an app that obtains the function like "login" and "signup". I just followed the instruction(METRIC RAT AI2 - Registration & Login with Firebase Authentication) last night and it worked well on my emulater. However, when I woke up this morning and tried it again. All functions didn't work now and I found that the Web1.Gottext don't receive any text now. Besides, the app cannot run on a real Android phone. All the blocks in my program is as same as the blocks in the mentioned website. It really drives me crazy.....

I don't know this problem only happens in my app or maybe the the functionality of Firebase Authentication is not yet "perfect". I just wanna realize the functionality that my app can login and signup users..... Maybe you guys have better solution that don't need to use the Firebase.

I have just tested the aia project associated with the topic, and it is working as expected.

Thank you TIMAI. I found the result may depend on the location of user. Since the server of my firebase is on the US, I can’t receive the text when the user is in China. When I change the location, it works fluently. Thanks for your help.

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