Cannot find the component: DropdownScroll, Problem with application

FOR CONTEXT: The "Forum" screen is the problem.

I'm not sure why it's acting this way... in the Designer the screen looks fine, but in the companion it doesn't show up at all, and if I Do It any of the blocks referencing an object it gives an error saying it couldn't find the component, and there was a problem with the application.

Here's the project: Accounts.aia (204.5 KB)

I have a hunch your 'get' procedure needs a rename to avoid a keyword conflict in nb191.

The server might not yet be up to nb191, so try there.

Also, in your event that catches CloudDB data, log your tag and value to global debug values for Do It access in the Companion.

Check your value against and fail informatively when data is missing.

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I tested this aia, but have no error like you said : "Cannot find the component".
Please reinstall the MITAICompanion to latest version 2.66

here is a issue need to fix:


I'm using an iPhone, so the current version is 2.64, not 2.66 like you've said.

I doubt this is the problem since it was fine before, but just incase I have renamed it to "getdata".

UPDATE: Using the legacy connection seems to fix the issue, not sure why though.

I moved your thread into the correct category...

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