Cannot find projects

I cannot find projects I worked on around a year ago.

I have tried all Google account that I use.

I have a development app on my phone and want to continue working on it. Wondering if I can somehow open project using the app?

Did you use or ?

L'app haimè è in formato APK. Comunque d'ora in poi, ti consiglio di effettuare il backup di ogni tuo progetto.


Where did you save your exported .aia files?

Do you still have the APK of this app? If so you can check with which Google account this project was created. Also if the app has been published in the Play Store. If you have even saved the aia, it is easiest.


Hello Glenn

Sounds like you have a few Google Accounts - are you absolutely sure you didn't have a hitherto unchecked one from a year ago?

Also, it's possible that the Project File (in App Inventor) has a different name to the App itself.......?

If you have a backup of the Project File (.aia), you can extract or view the underlying files using WinZip (or my favourite, BandiZip) - follow the folder path starting with 'src' and you will get to the text files that define the project. Open Screen1.scm in a text editor (e.g. Notepad) and inside you will see which App inventor site was used to build it (e.g.


If you have an APK, download APK Editor Studio:

Open your APK in the studio. Via the 'Tools' menu, select 'View Signatures'. This will reveal the Google account used.

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Open the APK with 7-Zip / WinRAR, click AndroidManifest.xml, F3 (or right mouse click: View):