Cannot find component: Navigation(not available on current iOS distribution)


I have a problem in my code. Everytime i try to run my application after i connected my phone to it, i get 2 error messages. The first i get the second i connect my phone and 2nd error i get when i try to run the application on my phone. I am sorry if everything sound very vague, I am new to this program and had to make an app for a school project for my final grade. I will leave images of the error messages and the download to my project. Can someone please help me?

Thank you

Safouane_project_coderen (1).aia (38.7 KB)

It looks like you are building for iOS.

You will see from the page here that the Navigation component is not yet functional in the iOS companion. Also note that it is not yet possible to build an app, you can only develop in Companion.

You may need to switch to the android companion for your project

Welcome @dbz_uni5

Perhaps this information might help you to finish your Project.

Other Navigate Solutions

App Inventor 2 developers can provide something similar using the Map component but without the directions display or can use OpenStreetMap without the Map Component. You can draw an OpenRouteService (ORS) type display without using the Navigate component. The method described in the above link draws the route but does not provide the turn by turn directions. This might work on iOS where the Navigate component will not (it will work on an Android).

Another alternative to providing turn by turn map direction advice is the Google Directions api . Use it with a Google Map API key . Again, this might work with iOS.

Another way to provide directions: Use an ActivityStarter and intents to open Google’s Navigator app. This link provides basic information!msg/mitappinventortest/3d7bFyGM508/pNsqAb9hBQAJ

The link also provides more advanced options to provide route information too. This advice HOW TO use the new Map Control to plot a route on a map and post driving distance and time for that path. is useful too.

Again a different way is OpenStreetMap without the Map Component using OpenStreetMap by using a WebViewer (mentioned above)

We're hoping to get the Navigation component implemented for the next iOS version, so keep an eye out for it. In the meantime, you could test your app using the emulator until Navigation support is in iOS.