Cannot drag media components to viewer

When I drag any icon from the media drawer to the viewer, nothing happens. It does not appear in the viewer or the components pane. Components from other drawers work OK.

Nothing is expected to happen.

They are just files.

You need to select components that can handle those files, and drag those components in.

I am just starting with this, following the tutorial for purr. I can drag the button and the label, but when I do this;
Step 4 . Under Palette, click on the Media drawer and drag out a Sound component and place it in the Viewer (#1). Wherever you drop it, it will appear in the area at the bottom of the Viewer marked Non-visible components .
Nothing happens.

That's on the left in the Designer.

The Media Folder in the lower right is something else.

Maybe you need to scroll down to see what you dropped?


Are you dragging it onto the phone in the viewer ?

Do you see the sound component below the phone - you may need to scroll?

Does the Sound component appear in Components on the right hand side of the designer ?

Have you modified the BlocksToolkit (in Screen1 properties) ?

I have tried dragging to various places in the viewer; on, under, left and right.
I scrolled; nothing down there.

Try refreshing/restarting everything, project, AI2, browser, and if you feel like it computer

I had to feel like it!
I had tried restarting the browser, but restarting Windows turned out to be necessary. Everything working now.

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