Cannot communicate to Dell Chromebook (on school network)

When we click connect, AI companion, the connection begins but stops at 20% with the error< companion disconnected>. When I log in as a teacher there is no problem with the connection.
I had student sign in on a Chromebook and a Windows 10 laptop. Same issue.

Hello Jonathan

Teachers have no problem but student accounts do.

Does your school network use iBoss? A similar issue for another teacher turned out to be an iBoss proxy blocking something. Everything started working when they routed traffic to and around it.

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No, we do not use iBoss.

Ok, no iBoss, that means your school network uses another screening system for students versus faculty and that system is probably blocking students. A talk to your IT people might help and this link might help List of URLs and Addresses that App Inventor Uses What software are you using to white and black list Web pages?

Share this with your IT people * School IT/Network Admins: Information specific to school networks (also helpful for conferences and hotel situations). It might help.

All this community knows about Chrome books ... . The links may help if all else fails.

If none of this gets you guys working; tell us more about what happens when you versus students log in.