Cannot add a tinydb result to a list

why i cannot add a tinydb result in a list?

do i need some kind of casting from “resultset” to string? how?

You can do it like this or put it in a procedure.

ok solved the problem … so the problem is that the list have to be inialized empty?

No, you can build some lists, with items that do not rely on runtime activities to be populated.

No, TinyDB will only work after the screen initializes not before.

i got some progress …
i’m creating a pdf with more tables from various tiny_db contents …

Following TimAI2 example i can create some text and images in the page and also a table with my data.

If i try to create a second table with the same list of the first one i got a second one, but using a different recordset i got problems and no pdf was created.

I use a notifier and i got that the second list has 7 elements like he had to be … but no table was created with that data :frowning:verifiche_v11(1).aia (472.4 KB)

PS: forgive me the screen management … i’ll fix after i provide a working demo to my friend :-/

If you are asking for help, I recommend you to make it as easy for others to be able to help you …
You probably will get more feedback then…

which means in your case post a screenshot of your relevant blocks…

To download the aia file, upload it to App Inventor, open it, do some bug hunting for you, etc… this takes time, and most people will not do that…
Thank you.


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

i’m trying to figure out what are the correct ways to do stuff in this world …

i’m used to do stuff with source code, copy and paste relevant pieces of code to share on forums, but this “block” way was frustrating on this side :slight_smile:

i thought of sharing the whole code to let users to have a global idea of what i’m working on … maybe the fault was somewhere out of hte zone i think will be the bug :-/

… by the way … this morning the code works … and i made no change … STRANGE … really strange

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