Can you use Activity Starter to force open the application itself?

So I have an app that blasts an alarm whenever the Accelerometer detects hard shaking. What I want to do is whenever this is activated the app itself would open so that he can access the other features of my app (an emergency app). Is there any way to do this (I already tried doing the 1st in the activity starter guide but to no avail)

Like I have stated I've already tried but there was no avail

Show your blocks.

In the foreground you can use the activity starter to open another app

However while you are in the background, things are different... you will need show always on top permission in the manifest and you have to ask the user to grant that permission

The alarmmanager extension offers a method to autostart your app, probably you are interested? App Inventor Extensions: Alarm Manager | Pura Vida Apps

Also on some devices you have to request ignore battery optimization.

Also be aware, that when the device is locked and your app starts behind the lock screen, not all functionality will be available (for example taking a photo), this is also dependent on the device manufacturer


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This seems to be the solution but it's paid and for me, unfortunately, can't afford it :disappointed:

Don't worry... this is only a suggestion...
You have to prioritize what is important to you...