Can you transfer one data from listview1 to another listview? My Database is google sheet

can you explain with more detail what do you want? Do you wat to copy all the elements from a ListView to other? Do you want to copy a selected item from a ListView to other?

Hello Ramon, Thank you for replying,
I want to move one element that has been picked from the list to another list view, once picked it will remove it from the first list then it will be viewed to the other listview, is it possible? Thank you.

Try something like this:

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Thank you so much. Ill keep you updated.

It worked, Thank you so much. Now my only problem is my code updates every 2 seconds, its purpose is when there are new entry in the sheet it updates the listview1. Im sorry if im asking too much

Use the clock timer to update your listview1. You might need longer than 2 seconds for your app to check the google sheet and to return the data. 4/5 seconds might be more appropriate, assuming a good network connection.

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I did but every time it updates the first element i clicked goes back to the first list view, is it possible that the clock affect only a specific item?

Im using a UrsAI2SideBar extension and it seems like its not updating the list

How are you filtering the "new items" from the google sheet ? These should be the only one you add to listview1.

Not obvious what the sidebar has to do with anything ?

Thank you for replying, I haven't filtered out the new entries (New items) from the sheet yet, also there are no errors in the sidebar sorry i just thought it is one of the reasons.

is it possible that the code given to me can transfer one data to another sheet?

It sounds like you are going to end up with a conflict at some point(removing a list item and adding list items at the same time).

Perhaps a quick re-think on what you are hoping to achieve.

So far, we have only had words from you, it would help to see the data and relevant blocks.

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Thank you. Ill give the details soon.

Hi TIMIAI2, I would like to ask if its possible that the this code given to me can copy and send to different sheet?

These codes should be working if your listview is set to use simple layout (only with Main text, no detail text, no images).

And after you move item from listview1 to listview2, you did not change the data at your spreadsheet, therefore, next time you open your app, the item will be shown in listview1 again.

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Thank you for replying, I understand that when i open the app again the items will be shown, is it possible that when i click it, it removes it to the list and transfer it to other sheet? or should i just make another google sheet for the copied data.

my plan is when you click the item on list view 1 it will put on "Transfered to alexz" and when that index is not empty it will hide the first index so listview1 cant load it anymore. Im sorry for bothering you. Thank you again.

where is this data sheet? how did you get data from it? and how do you plan to update it?

This is the Data Sheet and i get the data from the answered google form, I was hoping and trying when i click the data in listview it will automatically fill the "Transferred to" index of the name of the sheet it was transferred.

Thank you for your help.

This is the other sheet

check this post

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