Can you remove the auto menu? more info inside

can you remove the auto menu? (About this app/stop this app)
i want to remove it becuse its lagging my phone and i dont want it

You can Remove it, please see this tutorial:

Simply uncheck this property for Screen1 and do your own Title bar with an arrangement and a label inside:


Which ever screen has the title can be removed by unchecking the title visible after selecting the screen from the component menu

Can you explain why you think it is lagging your phone?

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When i opend it (clicked on ...) my phone started to lag and i was not able to click on anything
After few seconds its closing the menu and then the lag stops. its always happening

Thanks to all of you for helping... :partying_face:
(Admins can close it now)

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Please post what the solution is so others can benefit from your knowledge?

ok, did it!

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