Can you have app inventor on apple

Hi I use apple but not android is there a way to get app inventor on apple?

MIT team has been already working on an iOS version for a few years


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AI2 for ios is in TestFlight this means MIT is actively testing an ios version. It is not yet ready for release. For the moment, MIT App Inventor is only for Android (other than the ios testers)… here are the most current Forum discussions

Be patient, very patient … MIT must deal with multiple issues related to bugs in converting controls to ios and satisfying Apple’s very stringent requirements.

Apple limits the number of testers in TestFlight; so most ios enthusiasts need to be patient if they are not already a tester.

My guess is that ios is several months or more in the future. Sorry. When will an ios be ready for the general public? It appears not for at least a few more months. There are still technical issues and Apple must approve. MIT’s ios is already more than a year behind schedule. When it is ready, MIT wants to ensure it works correctly.

Sounds like a good time to start using Android, right? :grin: