Can you control autocomplete textbox dropdown font size?

The problem is that the font in the dropdown is too large so that it shows only a small part of the entries. Did not find a way to make it smaller. Thanks.

The TextBox or the font?

Where did you look? Try the TextBox documentation for the App Inventor TextBox that is available in the The MIT App Inventor Library: Documentation & Support
under Component Documentation

You have to set font size manually or with code Blocks in an event handler.

Are you asking about an extension? Query the developer.

the font size of the autocomplete dropdown, not the box, not the font of the textbox

I'm pretty sure that's your system's feature, not App Inventor's...

my device font size is definitely smaller than the dropdown font size

Check the fonts' setting in your device, there may be different "default sizes."

There is no "fonts size" property for auto complete textbox drop-down item.

I think you are asking about extension?

BTW if you change from settings it will change font size of entire App and device so I think it is not proper solution as per my point of view.


kinda agree, also you may not want the mess of instructing the users to adjust the phone fonts for your app.

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