Can you check discord account age using mit app inventor?

I am in the process of making an app, I have no code to show for it though that is the purpose of this question. Before I start coding I would like to explore all of my possibilities before I decide on how to continue developing the application I am making.

My question is about discord and mit app inventor (ai2 companion).
I have shared my idea for my application with a close friend of mine and they had noted this could be abused if the wrong people used this app and that it would be a good idea to give the app the ability to check the account ages of each account added (Only the username and tag no logins or passwords).

I had told my friend I think it is highly unlikely that this is possible due to the fact that discord has their own libraries in which I used to code a few bots with using discord python.

Would it be possible to create an app with the ability to check the account ages of different discord accounts to prevent people from flooding the lists with bots?

If so, would this be completed by using a library or plugin? I do have my doubts as to this idea though.

Thank you for your time and let me know what you think!

I'm not particularly familiar with the Discord API, but reviewing the documentation on their User object suggests that this is not possible. See here for the list of fields available on User objects.

I had a feeling, I do appreciate your response! Thank you!

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