Can you add the items in a list?

All I want is for the numbers to be added up in the list in the global "product_total" then display the total on the other screen named, "Shopping_Cart".

As you can see, the total is 0 when then the total should be 1,365.

Store.aia (3.5 MB)

Go through the price list and add each item to a global variable Total. You can pass that Total value to another screen with the block "open a new screen with value".

Can you like specifically tell me how to?

Initialize a global variable Total = 0. Then:

I'm supposing the listView of Prices has a list of numbers.

To pass the value of the global variable Total to other screen:

And, other thing...this is expecting a list so, if no elements, you have to give it an empty list:

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THANK YOU AGAIN RAMON! You've been helpful to me!

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