Can we write on the imagesprite

Can we write something on the imagesprite.

No, you can not write something on the ImageSprite. Developers can only Draw Text on the Canvas. If you need words on an ImageSprite image, you could place them using an image manipulation program on your PC and embed the image.

What you can do with an ImageSprite is described here ImageSprite

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But i’m making a game so i need a counter for the points.İf i place them using an image manipulation program on my PC i can’t change the numbers during the game.I don’t want to use any button , label or text.

You can’t use the counter by placing text within the ImageSprite. Place the counter results somewhere else…in the TitleBar, adjacent to the Canvas, within the Canvas; the possibilities are unlimited.

Certainly AI cannot place the counter text within or on an ImageSprite.

Perhaps code your app using Android Studio or write your own extension to place text on top of the image in an ImageSprite? Or modify your game plans.

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Thank you very much

You can set aside a corner of your Canvas for the score.
Erase it by drawing a fat line through it, same color as the background.
Use the Canvas block to write text,
right aligning numbers.