Can we use xml file to make extension


I want to ask that can we use xml with java to make extensions if yes how. Please help me.

Simple answer is NO

you can not use XML in extension because extensions are written in JAVA.

What if we want to get a component such as Admob component and change its size and background and many things like this?

You could do EVERYTHING using the .java code.

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Do all things programmatically

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Nice idea, :thinking:
Maybe still posible,What extension do you want make :thinking:


I want to make tiktok like camera extension with some effects..

which xml reference to make tiktok kamera :thinking:

No you can't use XML. check the following tutorial.

xml is used for designing purpose

In android studio not in extensions.

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I had figured it out... By myself by using AndroidViewComponent..

AndroidView component refers to components of app inventor, explain more so others can undertand.


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