Can we use other screen components to our current screen to make changes?

i am creating an app with a SOS button which was made with the help of @ChrisWard
it was on the main screen but the main screen of my app is really congested so i decided that i will add a EDIT CONTACT button in my app where the user can add or remove their emergency contacts
now mu question is : Can we use other screen components to our current screen to make changes?? coz the SOS button is still on the main screen just the contacts thing is shifted to another screen but the contact numbers are taken from the text boxes which are now shifted to the other screen so is it possible that i can take contact numbers from the other screen
@ChrisWard's code :

any help would be appreciated !
thanks & regards

Hi Shobha

If using Virtual Screens the answer is yes as virtual screens are all on the same 'real' screen so share the same data.

If, for example, you need data input by the User on ScreenA and need that data on ScreenB, share it via TinyDB. Both screens can read and write to the same TinyDB.

i have no problem is using virtual screen but once if i make my app using virtual screen it is difficult to find a particular code written by us & yes scrolling the screen also becomes difficult for us , it takes a lot time i that

so i need to have same name spaces of the TinyDB's on both screens??
actually i have never before used tinyDB component :sweat_smile:

That's absolutely correct :sunglasses:

Yes, namespaces need to be equals to different TinyDB Access the same data. If you want to know more about TinyDB I have the link from a drawing app i am creating which uses TinyDB:
.aia file

..... the sample code already saves the contacts to TinyDB_SOS, so just drag a TinyDB to the other screen, give it the same name and check the namespace is the same. Then, on the other screen, you can collect the data in much the same way as it was saved.

thank you @ChrisWard

oh ! thank you for this too

thank you @GuiM_Haes
i will surely check this out

@GuiM_Haes have you made this app??
i mean its really a nice app

it is unfinished yet. Circles are not programmed and just are programmed pencil optioons to the brush :smiley:

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Do i need to rename the TinyDB component the same as on main screen or it will be fine with changing the namespace ?

It is fine changing the namespace. On my drawing app i have A TinyDB2 And a TinyDB1 That have the same namespace and it works great.

ok thanks @GuiM_Haes

..... It is not really fine because when you do things like that you can easily get confused later. There is no reason why the TinyDB Name and Namespace should not be identical, so why make things difficult for one's self?

Read all about namespaces here:

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what is really not fine.....
pls elaborate

See the explanation by Evan W. Patton, as referred to by TimAI2.

As a general rule in programing, never make anything more complicated than necessary.

hello @ChrisWard
if you are talking about the explanation given by Evan W. Patton , i think i have read this whole topic couple of days before

what's complicated?? i think in any such app , i would be having a separate window for emergency contacts , i was having no prob. with having them on 1 screen only.. but it has many other buttons too . i tried to arrange them in a table arrangement but the results were not as expected so..

Ah no, I was referring to the naming of TinyDB instances.