Can we use Google Lens in MIT App inventor?

I am new to this platform and I need to build a Plant recognizing app using mit app inventor and I think combining Google Lens will make it easy, But I don't know whether that we could combine Google Lens with mit app inventor. If that possible pls say me how ? It would be a great help or If there is another way we could recognize plants with images with an image recognizer pls say me how ?
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Does this help you?


Thank You Sir,
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But it is only supported with some devices.
Is there any way I could join Google Lens with mit App inventor?
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Did you read the article and test if your device support the look extension? There is an apk you can install to test.

I don't know if it is possible to use Google Lens. Never seen any questions about that. Maybe this is your best chance.


You have to use the Google Vision api

that you might be able to access using Using Web APIs with JSON

You will need to create an Google Cloud account

Here is a Utube video showing what someone says he did using what appears to be it

Can it be done? You would have to try. :cry: Please share with us what you discover.

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Thank you so much sir
But we should pay to use Google cloud, this for a school project.
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Yes Sir, My phone is incompatible with this extension :disappointed_relieved:

Sir, Is there any option were we could open Google or Google Photos using mit app inventor ? Because Google Photos has Google Lens too

You can use an activity starter.

And I think you can also use the Google Images Reverse Search API

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A certain amount of usage is essentially free... read the terms in the create an Google Cloud account link in post #5.

All customers can use 20+ products for free, up to monthly usage limits.

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It didn't work in your phone ? My phone was also not mentioned there but, it still worked in my phone

Can we take a photo in MIT app inventer and then open in Google Photos ???

Find out what you can do with the Google Photos API

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Hi Sir,
Can you Please say me with which Component we can use this ???

You would use the Web component